For every melody we encounter, worldview is singing alto.  And too often, we ignore this accompaniment; instead, we prefer to demarcate our music morally, placing song x in the category “Christian” and song y in the category “secular.”

When we encounter music, we need to decipher and diagnose the worldview.  What aspects of the worldview are helpful and edifying?  What aspects of the worldview do we disagree with, and why do we find these aspects disagreeable?

The Persistence of Song is a venue for this inspection of worldviews.  I aim to foster dialogue on (ir)religious music.  You’ll find me writing often about explicitly religious music, very often critiquing “contemporary Christian music.”  But I’m also very interested in how other musicians, not necessarily affiliated with this market, make religious expressions (sometimes quite unknowingly).

Our times call for careful Christian thinking and conversation on a host of issues.  The Persistence of Song seeks to fulfill that niche for the art form of song.

Jason Adkins