“I Will Love the Lord” is my latest effort in retrofitting the hymn texts of James Montgomery with modern-sounding tunes.  To read more about this effort, check out the first two installments of the “Montgomery Made-Over” series.  

Here’s a demo version of “I Will Love the Lord,” along with the lyrics.



I will love the Lord; for He
From eternity loved me;
I will love the Lord, who gave
His own Son my soul to save,
And sends down, in love divine,
His good Spirit to strive with mine.

I will love the Son; for He
Loved, and gave himself for me;
I will love him on his cross,
And for him count all things loss;
I will love him on his throne,
When I know as I am known.

I will love the Spirit; for He
Deigns in love to dwell with me;
I will love Him on my knees,
Helping mine infirmities,
Till my joyful lips record
“Abba, Father!” “Jesus, Lord!”

You, o’er all for ever blest,
One, true, only God confess’d
I would love, with heart and mind,
Soul and strength; –but what can bind,
O my God, my love to you?
This alone, Your love to me.

The text is the 175th hymn in Sacred Poems and Hymns.  Montgomery’s inscription for the hymn reads, “The first of all the commandments,” and references Mark 12:30.

By devoting a stanza to each person of the Trinity, “I Will Love the Lord” is characteristic of Montgomery’s hymns and their common Trinitarian-focus.  The hymn’s concluding lines are my favorite.  How is it that we could love God?  It is because he first (and always) loved us.