This post is the second installment of Montgomery Made-Over, which is my effort to set some James Montgomery hymn texts to modern tunes. Read about the inspiration of this project and hear the first track, here.

Below are a demo version of “Bow Every Knee at Jesus Name” and the lyrics.

Bow every knee at Jesus’ name,
And every tongue confess;
Let the Redeem’d with joy proclaim
“The LORD our Righteousness.”

To Him through all the rounds of time
Perpetual prayer be made;
O’er sea and land, from clime to clime,
Homage to Him be paid.

From young and old with every breath
Let prayer and praise arise;
Life be the “daily offering”–Death
“The evening sacrifice”

Let heaven and earth reply “Amen!”
And all their hosts adore
The LORD of Angels and of men
For ever evermore.

Montgomery’s subscription for this hymn text reads, “The Name above every Name.” The hymn begins by describing believers’ praise and jubilation in Christ. Then, Montgomery crafts images of greater scale and scope. People from all times and all lands will pay homage to Jesus. All of life—from birth to death—is a sacrifice of praise to him. All earth and heaven extol the King of kings and Lord of lords.