I’m resurrecting the ol’ Girl or God series today, but with a twist. I’ll post some ambiguous lyrics, and along the way, you will decide whether the song addresses a romantic interest or the Almighty King of the universe. The twist for this edition of Girl or God is that the vocalist is a female; thus, today’s question is Guy or God?

First clue.  

I’ve had a long day, I just wanna relax
Don’t have time for my friends, no time to chit-chat
Problems at my job, wonderin’ what to do
I know I should be working but I’m thinking of you and
Just when I feel this crazy world is gonna bring me down
That’s when your smile comes around

We’ve all been there. The thought of our beloved helps us press on, even when our employment situation is less than ideal.  More lyrics, please.

Oh, I love the way you hold me, by my side you’ll always be
You take each and every day, make it special in some way
I love the way you hold me, in your arms I’ll always be
You take each and every day, make it special in some way
I love you more than the words in my brain can express
I can’t imagine even loving you less

Every God-fearing man should aspire to love his wife this way. Every day, we should do something special for our spouse. We ought to embrace our wives lovingly daily. I’m definitely thinking this song is about a guy.

 I’m so grateful and thankful for all you’ve done
Wish I could tell you in a short story or poem
But, all I have is my voice and this guitar
And you have my heart

Obviously, this song is about


The song is “Hold Me” by Jamie Grace, and it features–with a nod to the trendy “collabo” of the secular music market–Mr. tobyMac.

That the song addresses God is evident from a line I concealed from you (sorry, I didn’t want to ruin the surprise):  “Lord, I love the way you hold me.”

So, that which makes “Hold Me” distinctively Christian is a single word.  Change that word to “Boy,” and we have a Colbie Caillat track featuring B.o.B.

Often in scripture, God evokes the imagery of romance to convey truth about his relationship with his people. One beautiful example is from the Old Testament prophetic book Hosea; God says to Israel,  

“And I will betroth you to me forever. I will betroth you to me in righteousness and in justice, in steadfast love and in mercy. I will betroth you to me in faithfulness. And you shall know the Lord.” (2:19-20).

The romantic metaphor of betrothal expresses the permanency of God’s affection for and covenant with his people.

I see nothing inherently wrong with “Hold Me”; I just don’t see what is particularly helpful about its use of romantic imagery. 

Yes, Christ is the husband of the church, but the meaning of this mystery is not that he does the “little things” that make each day special. Christ, our husband, did the “big thing”: he “loved the church and gave himself up for her” (Ephesians 5:25).

[HT:  Jesus Freak Hideout for the lyrics]