I need your help deciding my next album purchase. Let me emphasize “help.” I’m giving you two albums, from which to choose, because I don’t want you all to make me buy the new Lady Gaga album.

Candidate 1: The Fling, When the Madhouses Appear.

I first heard The Fling’s “Wanderingfoot” on World Cafe, and I was immediately infatuated. The Fling’s sound is the evolution of mid-90s Oasis. Have a listen for yourself.

Candidate 2: Dawes, Nothing is Wrong.

I came across Dawes’ “Time Spent in Los Angeles” on WFPK on one of my early morning commutes. Their sound is very Wallflowers, circa 1996, or maybe Sheryl Crow (also circa 1996). You can listen for yourself on Facebook.

Dawes actually was in Louisville last night, but since I’m a responsible adult with a job, I did not attend.

I’m confident The Fling will hit the spot; I think Dawes will take some work. But my initial reaction to some of my favorite albums was more of the casual interest I feel toward Dawes than the magnetic draw of The Fling.

Give the bands a listen and leave me a comment with your advice.